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1403 4 30 days from invoice date - No. Payment received: Not paid until now (approx. 10.000 Euros in 2001, approx. 40 Euros in 2004 ). (Will work for again: I'm not too keen but might accept if it's a small interesting job that fits in with my schedule, and where a delay in Payment doesn't hurt much.) I did not bother to consult my books further back than 2001, but I've done a lot for them in the years before. When Payment of one really big job (for which we owed Payment to other colleagues) was delayed in 2001 I finally got to talk to the head of the Accounts department on the phone and pointed out to him that even their own POs stated Payment terms of 30 days. He answered cheerfully that they weren't paying 30 days and that they would have to change their Payment terms. Shortly after that their new PO forms said 45 days... Payment on that job was 4 days short of a month late. After that I only accepted smaller jobs through their Elcano service which is a kind of express service for smaller jobs and that has its own Payment system, separate from their regular system. However, it seemed to me that this Payment system wasn't working too effi 5/9/2008

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