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2842 0 0 0 0 Lingua translation or CEO Altintas did not pay for me after the translation completed. I send him emails but no rep until I tell him i am considering legal action against him. He said he had close relationship with police. I do not know how to get my money back. 2013-03-14
1396 0 30 days - YES Payment received: still undue (c. $4700). (Will work for again: Yes) This was a complex project having to do with a pharmaceutical legal case, which was suspended very suddenly. The project clearly took its toll on the project management - there was considerable turnover. But on the whole the company dealt well with what was a pretty disastrous situation. 8/15/2006
1395 2 Theirs, 30 days EOM by cheque after receipt of invoice - YES Payment received: YES (Several hundred GBP). (Will work for again: Yes, recently a completed a job for them ) Helene, and the other person I've spoken to, are very pleasant and efficient. Payment is a little slow because they issue the cheque on 30 days EOM, then it has to reach me by post (5+ days), then I have to cash it, and it takes several days to clear my bank, so in realistic terms Payment is more like 45 days, plus what I lose in currency conversion and bank charges. 4/27/2012
1394 6 30 days - Usually within a week after due date Payment received: YES (a few hundred Euros ). (Will work for again: Yes) I am currently chasing Payment for a small job delivered April 4. They promised it would be on my account next week. I will wait and see. They are usually a little late with Payment, but so far I've always been paid. 5/12/2006

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