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1390 10 net 30 days - No, sometimes it takes up to two months. Payment received: up to 1 month late (Fairly high amounts accumulated over the years). (Will work for again: Yes) [Mod. note: Rating based on sometimes Payments made on time/sometimes up to 2 months late.] This is a small agency and the Payment delays may depend on their cash flow. It can take up to two months for larger amounts. 6/2/2011
1389 10 I believe it's 30 days net. - On time, or if ever late, then only marginally. Payment received: Yes (). (Will work for again: Without hesitation) They are not one of my very regular clients so my memory is a little vague about the years past. This year everything has been paid completely on time. They are very pleasant to work with. 5/9/2010
1388 10 120 days - No. Often up to 30 days late. Payment received: YES (Approx. 2000 euros). (Will work for again: No. ) The Payment period is too long anyway but despite that they still often have to be chased for Payment. In the end I got tired of complaining and decided to stop working for them. My advice would be only to work for them if you are desperate. 7/14/2005
1387 9 90-120 days from invoice date. - Even a month before due time. Payment received: YES (several thousands of euros ). (Will work for again: Still do and with pleasure.) All the PMs are lovely people, ready to give you a hand when you need it. I really am looking forward to going on working with them. 11/2/2009
1386 10 30 days - NO. Payments stretched for more than a year and balance was left unpaid. Payment received: Not paid until now (R$ 1,500). (Will work for again: never) Dr. simply vanished without paying the balance of his installments (set up after I threatened legal action). Most all of his Payments were late and needed repetitive prompting. 3/15/2006
1385 10 30 days - Never on time. In 2002 (I think it was then) I had to threaten them with debt collection, and I finally got staged Payments. Payment received: YES (several thousand CHFs ). (Will work for again: Since the previous owner left and a new MD took over, I have been approached a few times. I have done one or two very small jobs for them, and they've paid - but late. I would hesitate very much before taking on a major job for them. ) I get the feeling they only approach me when they've got an urgency problem. I cannot usually help them on that basis, and I certainly have no close working relationship with them any more. 1/9/2006

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