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1384 10 30 - at first yes, but then no Payment received: YES (sometimes thousands of CHF ). (Will work for again: NO) At first everything was fine, but then they stopped making Payments in a timely manner. Requests and/or demands for Payment went unanswered. It was not until I threatened them with a Swiss collection agency (incidentally, one of their clients whose documents I had been translating for Linguapool) that they paid up. I stopped working for them after that. A year later, in 2003, they approached me again, and I told them I would give them only one more chance to redeem themselves. 30 days went by and no Payment, despite promises to pay on time when I agreed to handle that job for them. I had to threaten them with the collection agency again, got paid (from what I remember Payment was overdue by at least two months) and told them never to contact me again. I have given them all the chances in the world to prove themselves to me, but they failed miserably. I'd sooner cut off my right hand than work for them again. 9/4/2005

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