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1383 10 30 days - No, I finally received it at the end of November Payment received: Usually late - anything from 3 weeks to 2 months (approx. $500). (Will work for again: Only against Payment upfront. ) That woman is a lawyer, and she did not reply to my demands for Payment until I threatened her with collection and after I had filed a complaint against her with the Law Society of Nova Scotia (non-Payment of subcontractors, etc., is against the rules of the Law Society, which is why I had cause to report her). I don't trust her and would advise against working for her. If you do, make sure you get paid upfront. 2/9/2006
1382 10 30 days - No, 9 days later. Payment received: No, see comments (CAD 35.). (Will work for again: Yes.) Payment needed reminder. 1/30/2006

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