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1376 10 Net 30 - The first two received on time, the last 2 just becoming due Payment received: NO more than a month) (Almost USD200.00 ). (Will work for again: Yes) They seem to be professional and kind. 1/13/2011
1375 10 45 days after invoice date - NO, first Payment three days late, second Payment 11 days late Payment received: some days late (135 USD ). (Will work for again: Yes) Although the first Payment was slightly late and the second Payment is nearly two weeks late, I have no fear that they will not pay and would work with them again. Update: The second Payment actually arrived this afternoon without me having to send them a reminder. 2/6/2009
1374 10 30 days end of month - yes Payment received: never received on time, always late (106 euros ). (Will work for again: I would) They may not ask me again as I insisted on being paid by the hour and not per word for proffreading jobs, they agreed because it was urgent and, apparently they could not find anyone else fast enough... 6/3/2007

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