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1373 8 60 days end of month - always Payment received: No, at least a month late after a lot of prodding (14.000 euro in total). (Will work for again: yes and I do) 7/21/2009 0:00
1372 10 60 days - Yes, always Payment received: NO, 40 days or so (8000 euro aprox). (Will work for again: I still do) 6/23/2009
1371 0 upon receipt of invoice - NO (Payment was due in the first half of November) Payment received: YES (34.90 EUR). (Will work for again: No) That was a rush job for which they first contacted me by phone, and then sent a work order. The answer to my first inquiry (November, 19) was: i forget to print your invoice out of the mail. i??m very sorry for that. I will do it as soon as possible. I sent two more friendly reminders, but they remained unanswered. I am fully aware the amount is quite small, but this is a matter of principle: satisfactorily performed work needs to be paid as agreed! 5/29/2012
1370 10 On reception of invoice - NO, 2.5 months late Payment received: NO, never on time see below (< 100 EUR). (Will work for again: Only if paid in advance) 2/4/2012
1369 10 30 days end of month - Yes, always on time Payment received: NO 30 days late at least (3000 euros ). (Will work for again: Yes, definitely. ) Sergio and Yumiko are very professional and kind people. I wish they had more work in my language pair. 7/22/2007
1368 10 30 eom - Always received on time, sometimes before Payment received: Yes (Several thousand Euro). (Will work for again: Without hesitation - I still work for this agency. ) Sergio and Yumiko are the sweetest people I know. Always ready to help you out if necessary. Recently, they have employed two assistants, and they seem just as sweet and helpful. 9/12/2008
1367 10 30 days, paid by Paypal due to small amounts involved - Yes Payment received: Yes (a long list of small invoices). (Will work for again: I still am !) Very nice people to work with. 8/23/2008
1366 10 30 days - Yes, in time. Payment received: Always on time (more than GBP 1000 ). (Will work for again: yes) 11/29/2006
1365 10 approx. one week following invoice - Yes Payment received: almost allways on tume (77 GBP ). (Will work for again: Yes) I worked directly with Austin Kim. I found her very nice, to the point, and accommodating. 12/5/2009

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