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1364 8 30 days. - Yes, in time. Payment received: always on time, sometimes 15 days after invoice sent (more than GBP 2000 ). (Will work for again: yes, I do.) Austin Kim is an excellent project manager. He gives you good transllation help at any time. 9/3/2008
1363 10 30 eom - on time or a few weeks late. Payment received: Yes (GBP 100s). (Will work for again: Never - see below) They are a branch of Lingo24 with offices all over the UK. I have worked for the UK office(s), and discussed a potential job with NZ - it came to nought because the PMs in the 2 countries couldn't get their act together and kept sending me from one to the other. The UK office , for whom I did a very urgent job as a favour, at first refused to pay me because my rate was 'too high'. Eventually after a lot of arguing they paid, but I will never work for these people again if they were the last agency on earth. 9/18/2008
1362 10 30 days eom - always in time Payment received: YES (several thousand of GBP). (Will work for again: sure and will pleasure) Even if the agency I worked for is in UK, its name and the name of PM is the same. Austin is a really nice person, ready to solve all your problems- 10/2/2007

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