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1361 8 30 days EOM - See below Payment received: YES, always early i.e. only 2 to 3 weeks (GBP 800). (Will work for again: NOT ON YOUR LIFE) Should be in the archives. I did several jobs without problems, then one day they phoned me with the request to do one hour's proofreding NOW if not sooner. I obliged, put everything else to one side and did their urgent job. Then I invoiced for 1 hr as agreed, though I must have done nearer 2 hrs. They disputed my 'exorbitantly high hourly rate'. I pointed out that my tariffs are on their database, and we had worked together 3-4 times prior to that over recent months, also that they didn't specifically ask how much I'd charge, and that I had not even applied an urgency surcharge. After a lot of huffy comments on their part, they said they would pay me but would never use me again. I was very pleased to hear both parts of that statement. Rude clients I do NOT need. 12/22/2007
1360 9 30 days - Yes Payment received: Yes, always on time (EUR 800 or so). (Will work for again: Yes, absolutely) 10/21/2006
1359 10 15 days - on time Payment received: YES (280 euros). (Will work for again: absolutely) Great team, very nice PM's, definitely recommended. I was sure to get a PO faxed to me 'tho after negotiating Payment. 8/2/2005
1358 10 30 EOM - YES Payment received: Never received (L a couple of hundred, i.e. several jobs). (Will work for again: YES ) They are very friendly, professional and appreciative, and pay promptly. 9/29/2008
1357 10 30 days EOM - Yes Payment received: YES (Thousands of pounds). (Will work for again: Certainly.) They are a wonderful agency to work for: nice and understanding people, interesting projects, no problems with Payment... I really recommend it! 3/2/2008
1356 10 40 days EOM - YES - Usually two-four weeks early Payment received: Payment has not been received (NZD 14,000 (about USD 9000)). (Will work for again: I do, regularly) I've replied before about Lingo24 (and New Lingo, the name they trade under in NZ) - there were some early hiccups in my having to remind them to pay but they are much better organised now. We spent a very long time negotiating a contract but now it's in place they usually pay well in advance of due date. 12/8/2008
1355 10 30 days (I only invoice at the end of the month) - YES Payment received: Payment was always late from 60 to 93 days (Euro 5,000 approx.). (Will work for again: ABSOLUTELY YES) It was, and it is, really a pleasure to cooperate with Christian, Rosario and all the other Lingo24 staff. They are very professional and reliable. 1/2/2007

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