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1350 10 30 days - between 1 and 2 weeks late Payment received: NO NEVER. In once received a Payment one year later. (L1100). (Will work for again: yes) 12/16/2005
1349 0 30 days EOM - On time Payment received: Yes - slightly ahead (GBP 1000s). (Will work for again: Sure) Nice people 11/30/2007
1348 6 variable as mainly concerned transllation of a book - a week late Payment received: Yes. (L150). (Will work for again: yes) 6/28/2012
1347 6 30 days eom - Yes Payment received: Yes,always (about $200). (Will work for again: Yes) Good communication, fast Payment 3/11/2008
1346 10 30 days eom - Yes Payment received: No, they paid in 85 days (GBP hundreds). (Will work for again: Yes) Go for it - nice and professional. I said 'Yes' because that's all we are allowed now, but I really wanted to say 'with the utmost delight and enthusiasm' :-) [Mod. note: And this is the perfect place to add such additional comments. Thanks John!] 1/30/2008
1345 10 30 days eom - Yes Payment received: NO, more than 45 days (several L100's). (Will work for again: Yes) Friendly and helpful contacts, good deadlines 1/27/2008

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