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1339 10 60 days end of month - NO. Payment not received as yet. Payment received: YES (44.65 euros). (Will work for again: Not unless they pay for the work that I have done. Patrice Mack and Jacques have made all interactions a real pleasure.) The time spent in sending reminders has been quite a headache. 7/27/2009
1338 10 30 days - Payment for the 3 invoices I issued was 30-45 days late each time Payment received: YES ($2000 USD). (Will work for again: No, not worth the Payment delay hassle. ) 4/24/2006
1337 10 60 days EOM - NO--one month late Payment received: no, still not received (US $123). (Will work for again: probably not, too much hassle) Given their very generous (in their favor) Payment terms, I would expect them to be on time with Payment. They were responsive to my inquiries, but very much at their own pace. For instance, it took several weeks for them to respond to my inquiry regarding what form my Payment was going to take (check or bank wire). However, once Payment was made, when I was having trouble tracking down the Payment (because of the weird way it appears on my bank statement, it turns out), they were helpful and sent me a copy of the bank wire information. 9/4/2009

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