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1326 10 30 days EOM - Not received Payment received: YES (120.00 Euro). (Will work for again: NEVER) They never replied to my requests for Payment. My solicitor contacted them and the letter returned to his address. The suspect is that they have closed down. 11/6/2007
1325 10 Don't recall. - Payment never received for the second job. Payment received: YES ($86.30 (unpaid job)). (Will work for again: NEVER!!!!!) 1/30/2010
1324 10 30 DAYS END OF MONTH - PAYMENT ON TIME Payment received: yes (AROUND 1,000 $ FOR THE HIGHEST ONES). (Will work for again: YES, OF COURSE) 5/10/2007
1323 10 It seems, net 30, but I am not sure now - YES Payment received: Yes (130 EURO). (Will work for again: YES) No problems. I did a very urgent job for them and they paid me at increased rate. Frank Lanzilotta helped me to solve one common problem with bank transfer from Europe to Russia that I experienced previuosly. 7/31/2010
1322 10 net 30 - Yes Payment received: Yes ($400). (Will work for again: Absolutely! ) Sebastian is very nice and professional. I really enjoyed working for this company. 3/8/2011
1321 10 net 30-60 - Received about 5 days after net 60 Payment received: on time (2 small jobs, total about $200 ). (Will work for again: Yes, depending on the project (see below) ) Languatek is very pleasant to deal with, they are translators themselves so really appreciate your work, and they help wherever they can. Administrative side seems a little disorganized but they do get it straight when you ask them. Only caveat would be that Payment seems to depend on when the agency gets paid, so for a project larger than a few hundred $ I would make sure to clarify what happens if the end client's Payment is delayed or doesn't happen. 8/28/2011
1320 10 30 days - It is now late Payment received: Never received (280 euros). (Will work for again: UPDATE: I think so) Amy Stoyko was my PM and contacted me via my proZ profile. I'll have to call New York to find out what is going on as I do state on my invoices that a 30% late Payment fee is applicable. UPDATE. I called Amy who said Payment has been wired so I'll check with my bank in a few days. No idea why I did not get their replies to my e-mails as they assured me by phone they are concerned about correct treatment of translators then e-mailed me to confirm this. 1/1/2006

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