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1318 10 30 days - 30 and 20 days' late Payment received: They tend to pay within 2 months after the date of invoice ($1,500). (Will work for again: Possibly) I have very mixed feelings about Languageworks. The pms and other staff are pleasant, even charming, and quite responsive. Unfortunately, however, the company's own Payment terms are sixty days. My invoices and terms are always quoted at 30 days and, when the funds did not arrive from my first job within a little over a month, I got in touch. After a pretty much automatic response from the pm (Anne, who is generally pleasant and helpful) with the news that their Payment terms are sixty days, I ended up communicating with their vp of Finance. He said that he would have my terms changed in the database, but basically warned that it would mean I would not get as many offers from them. (This is not really a problem for me, since I tend to be overworked). I agreed to a second, smaller job in January. In this case the Payment was sent on time, but to a previous address. I doubt that the mistake was intentional, but it still extended my terms another twenty days. Personally I think p 10/26/2005

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