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1314 8 From 15 to 45 days - Yes, always in accordance with established rules. Payment received: The first two invoices were paid very late, after 7 weeks. They refuse to pay the last two invoices sent in November 05. (several thousands (in EUR) ). (Will work for again: I am working with them on a regular basis ) Payment is on the first day of the next month for projects delivered in the first half of the current month, and 1 month later - for projects delivered in the second half of the current month. Excellent, very well thought through, completely automated online system. At the same time, all project managers are very much accessible, friendly and supportive. Great company in all respects. Highly recommended. 4/20/2010
1313 8 end of the next month - YES ! Payment received: Always (> 15 000 eur). (Will work for again: YES) our best payer 3/27/2010
1312 10 30 days. - YES Payment received: Always (approx. a few thousand euro). (Will work for again: I still do) I do frequent small jobs though and I've chosen to be paid as soon as the total due amount reaches 100 euro. They send invitations to bid, but their jumpstart prices are more than reasonable, at least compared to the Italian market. If you win the bid, you receive an order sheet and download the file(s) from their site. When the job is completed you upload the translated file(s) into their site. A bit impersonal maybe but very efficient. 9/1/2008

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