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work home translation jobs

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1293 10 net 30 a couple of years ago, over a 3 - YES Payment received: Always on time (A couple thousand dollars). (Will work for again: Definitely) 5/6/2011
1292 10 net 30 - Yes Payment received: YES (hundreds). (Will work for again: Still am. Logged on with them right now ) This is a great company to work with. I have been working with them as a telephonic interpreter and have had no problems with them. They are great to work with and they keep you updated with new clients and so forth. It/'s a pleasure working with them. Will keep working with them without any hesitation 3/21/2011
1291 10 30-45 days I think - Always on time Payment received: Yes ($300 for the last two invoices). (Will work for again: absolutely!) They have always paid on time and are a pleasure to work with. 11/20/2008
1290 10 net 30 days - on time Payment received: yes (). (Will work for again: yes, another job has been accepted and will arrive next week. ) Not all project managers are very experienced with foreign languages, so a little patience on the translator's will help. But those who have worked in the industry for awhile are great to work with. 6/11/2011

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