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2809 0 0 0 0 I am awaiting payment from Language Line Services for December 2011. LLS alleges they forgot to pay. Unknown when/if they will pay. possibly in March 2012. In addition, they alleged their computer glitch shortens/deletes telephonically interpreted minutes. LLS refuses to exhibit actual call length of telephonically interpreted calls. LLS routinely does not pay interpreters for interpretation work. They often paid with delay and often alleged they forgot to add back payments to the paycheck. Getting paid for interpretation work at Language Line Services is very difficult. Often they don't pay at all. 4/30/2010
1285 10 30 days - No, 6 weeks late Payment received: always on time (400 euros). (Will work for again: No) They didn't even send a PO. It was all a waste of time, expense and effort for me. I believe there is also an office in Austria but I haven't worked for that office. 1/29/2006

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