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work home translation jobs

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1284 8 30 days after delivery - NO took 3 months to pay each one Payment received: NO, never on time see below (around 200 euros). (Will work for again: NO) [Mod. note: Hearsay info deleted] 1/23/2007
1283 10 30 days - ALWAYS Payment received: No, still not paid (c. 10,000 EUR over time ). (Will work for again: Yes) This is the agency associated with the aquarius site. They are fine to work with and prompt payers. 12/6/2005
1282 10 30 days - Yes, nearly always early Payment received: No. Still waiting. (thousands of euro ). (Will work for again: I work for them on a regular basis) One of the best to work for, very professional, friendly, regular jobs and they go out of their way if ever there is a problem with any of the assignments. 12/6/2006

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