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1280 10 30 days after reception of invoice - See notes Payment received: No, received late January 2005 (between Euro 100). (Will work for again: Sure would) Excellent people. In my particular case, because in both cases the amounts were small (50 euros once and 70 the other) as part of the agreement I asked them not to pay me directly, using the amounts on account of my annual subscription to Aquarius. In both cases, I received the confirmation of the extension of my subscription. 3/11/2007
1279 10 net 30 - Only half of it in 70 days, after lengthy discussions. Payment received: YES (USD 750). (Will work for again: Never) They set me up: as if a proofreader said that the work needs to be re-done, while the proofreader had called me to find out something about fonts and also told me that it was a very good transllation. It was fishy from the beginning: they never negotiated the price, and really pushed me into accepting the project. Immediately agreed to relatively high price that I offered with hope that they would back off. 12/28/2010

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