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1277 2 30 days - Yes Payment received: No, a couple of weeks late -500. (Will work for again: Still do) Very professional and Brankica is very nice. 7/10/2006
22 45 After inquiring about payment for an invoice -- phone calls that were not returned -- I finally got someone to say that I would get a partial payment ($100, not even a 1/3 of my invoice). When I inquired why, I was told that their cash flow was low, and that was all they could do. when I inquired as to the date of the payment balance, the man could not say. When I said that their practice was not fair, since this fact was never disclosed when I accepted the (rush) job, the man started getting aggressive. I caution my fellow translators agsinst this agency. I don't know if or when I will receive the balance of the work done. To me, this story of low cash-flow is hiding very serious financial problems. 11/18/2009

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