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1273 10 One monthly invoice to be received by 25th of the month is paid about 2 weeks later. - Yes Payment received: See comments (at least GBP 1000 ). (Will work for again: Without hesitation) 2/5/2012
1272 10 A consolidated invoice is to be sent to their specified email address by 25th of each month and is settled by around middle of the next month. - [Yes] Payment received: YES (Thousands of pounds since July 2001). (Will work for again: ) Invoices didn't use to be paid promptly back in 2001 and 2002/03, as the company was evolving and there was a high turnover of account/book-keeping staff. Now their Payment practice has been greatly improved, and paid rather promptly and on time. Professional and very friendly to work with. The deadlines are reasonable. Anu is one of the project managers I work regularly with. 11/3/2009 0:00
1271 10 Mine are - net 30, Agency - net 45 - Usually, yes. A couple of reminders of the years - up to 1 month late Payment received: NO, one invoice finally paid 73 days late (Several thousand Dollars over the years). (Will work for again: Absolutely) They are very professional and offer interesting projects. PMs are very nice, professional and responsive. Sometimes, Payments run a little late. But LI always pays! I think the PMs and projects make up for the occasional delay in Payment. 8/20/2010

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