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1264 9 30 eom - Payment received within 15 days Payment received: slightly overdue because I didn't submit it to the correct department (less than USD 100). (Will work for again: Yes.) 9/25/2008
1263 10 30 days eom - Yes Payment received: Yes (GBP 100 ). (Will work for again: Yes) 2/17/2008
1262 10 - I made an Internet reasearch and they paid me immediately. Payment received: always on time (150 USD). (Will work for again: Absolutely.) Iwona is very supportive and keeps excellent communication at all times. 6/5/2005
1261 10 Invoices received by the 15th - last day of same month, Invoices received after the 15th - by the end of the following month. - Yes, always within 2 to 4 weeks! Payment received: YES (GBP 250 ). (Will work for again: Yes, anytime) Iwona is very helpful and nice. 7/27/2010
1260 10 30 days - One late Payment (approximately one month late), all other Payments received on time or early. Payment received: yes, on time (Relatively small amounts, around GBP50 per month). (Will work for again: Definitely) I have always found this agency very professional and a pleasure to work with. 4/18/2006
1259 10 30 days - YES Payment received: Yes (500 EUR). (Will work for again: yes) great to work for, very friendly & prof. 9/3/2006

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