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2832 2 10 10 Karel is very professional. It was a very positive working experience including an early payment. Will gladly work for KENAX again in the future. Reply: Jana responded quickly and professionally to an express job. It was a pleasure communicating with her. 8/7/2010
2831 30 10 10 Karel is a professional and working with him and his team was a pleasant and enjoyable experience. I would definitely like to cooperate with him again in the future.   8/5/2010
2830 30 10 10 Karel was professional, honest & reliable. Communication was fast and payment was made as agreed. It was a pleasure to work with him on this big project. Would love to work with him again. Reply: Christina was top quality, efficient, reliable, and able to perform more complex tasks. An invaluable part of my team.. 8/8/2010
2829 30 10 8/21/2012
2828 40 10 Professional and friendly person, despite all problems he had to face on that huge project, he managed to pay all his dues until the very last cent. Great outsourcer.  3/5/2012
2827 30 10 8/22/2012
2826 30 10 I worked on a large project for Karel, and he proved to be professional and responsive at all times.   6/27/2010
2825 40 4 Reply: Indicated that payment depends on customer as project too large for me to finance myself. Uli has been paid in full with not such a great delay.  3/14/2012
2824 30 10 10 Nice, friendly, professional, easy to work with. I would definitely do projects with Kenax again!   10/25/2011
2823 30 10 It's been a pleasure to work for this highly professional, resourceful and knowledgable outsourcer. I would take on work from this outsourcer again anytime. 8/1/2010
2822 45 8 Professional, international and helpful. This time low rates and their client is lacking behind with some payments. However, I'm confident. Surely willing to work again with them! Next big project? :)   3/7/2012
2821 30 10 I worked for Kenax as a project manager and I am very happy with Kenax's professionalism. I will be more than happy to work with them again.   6/22/2010
2820 30 10 Very professional, no problem with payment, I certainly will work with Karel again   7/11/2012
2819 30 10 10 Karel and his team demonstrated professionalism and communicative competence, friendly working environment, interesting projects and paid in full. I would be happy to continuing with future projects   8/5/2010
2818 30 10 Interesting projects, timely payments and great working conditions. It's been a real pleasure working with Karel, Tony and Olga and I look forward to the next project. Highly recommended. 7/20/2010
2817 30 10 10 Very nice and honest contact, not afraid to admit to problems, and willing to find a solution. Would definitely like to work with KENAX again. 7/8/2012
2816 30 10 I worked on a huge project with Karel, English-French, despite all the technical difficulties and quality pbs from other translators, he always kept to his word and paid in full 6/26/2010
2815 30 10 Professional approach, quick payment, recommended Reply: Professional and conscientious translator. Pleased with her work. 3/6/2012
2775 150 2 Payment finally received after nearly 5 months (date of invoice: 4-4-03) and only after posting negative feedback on the Blue Board Reply: Concerned a very small amount, like 30$, and I was swamped with a 5 million word project and had no time for anything else. On principle she is correct, but not forgiving. 8/27/2003
2774 120 2 received payment only after 4 months Reply: Concerned a very small amount, like 30$, and I was swamped with a 5 million word project and had no time for anything else. On principle she is correct, but not forgiving.. 8/29/2003
2773 12 8 He accelerated a payment that I needed for personal emergency. He was very understanding, and made the effort. 9/25/2003
2772 45 10 8 Karel was very helpful in sorting out an payment that wasn't really his respinsiblity and I got the money after a while. In fact, he helped me get my money from Emma (Nelly) Mancia. Good Work! 10/7/2003
2771 60 10 Worked on a very large, hard to manage project - payment took a few months, but I knew that this would be the case - Karel was very helpful in expediting payment as soon as he received it himself. 10/21/2003
2770 50 10 10 Payment took a while (very large project) but Karel answered all my e-mails and arranged payment in full. 11/2/2003
2769 30 10 10 I have been working with/for Karel for 3 years now. He's very involved and reliable. 1/15/2004
2768 30 10 I worked with him on a huge project. Karel was always there to help. No payment problems. 6/28/2010
2767 40 8 For a project last year there were payment difficulties (->volume of the project). Karel did his best to send the money + was always available to hear my problems. A recent project was just fine. 6/2/2004
2766 30 10 10 I have wonderful impressions from my work with this agency and I shall be delighted to be able to work with it again. Mr Kosman has always been there for us and his agency deserves very high rating. 6/2/2004
2765 30 9 8 Karel Koseman is a very professional person and helped me out on several occasions with concluding a project he had subcontracted to another agency, as well as fulfulling all the payments I was due! 6/2/2004
2764 30 8 8 Good working conditions 6/2/2004
2763 30 10 I felt Karel went out of his way to shield the translators (myself included) from a difficult customer/job and he pulled it off 6/2/2004
2762 60 6 Client was overwhelmed. Payment was late due to a # of factors. Would work with Kenax again if situation improved, as he inicated it has. 6/2/2004
2761 25 10 the job was great opportunity, payment prompt. 6/2/2004
2760 30 10 10 They are professional, reliable, and very nice to work with. 6/2/2004
2759 30 10 10 10 I had the opportunity to work with this outsourcer and would like to say it was a pleasure. Very helpful at all times and prompt in making payment. 6/2/2004
2758 30 10 I think Karel Kosman is an honest man and I would be much pleased to work for him again . 6/2/2004
2757 30 10 Mr.Kosman is ver communicative and honest. Moreover he's very helpful. As far as he gets more organized his reputation will be very well deserved. I hope to collaborate again. 6/2/2004
2756 45 10 I worked with Karel on a huge project and, although payment took some time, he was very involved with the job and also very helpful at all times. 6/2/2004
2755 30 10 10 10 Karel is a very dedicated worker and I really enjoyed getting him to know him on a professional basis. When one of his subcontractors dropped the hat, he picked it up and made sure we all got paid. 6/3/2004
2754 30 10 I worked with Karel on this large project. Pleasantly, quickly, qualitatively, clearly. Without problems. 6/3/2004
2753 30 10 I have done two translation projects for this agency and we had a very good working relationship. I would be happy to work with them again in the future. 6/3/2004
2752 30 10 Last year, I worked on a very large project for Kenax. Karel was extremely communicative and helpful. Payment was prompt. I would definitely work with Karel again. 6/3/2004
2751 30 10 Good agency to work with. Got paid when we discovered that one of his subcontractors was a total fraud. 6/3/2004
2750 40 10 I think Karel made his best to pay all Emma`s translators. I was good to work with him. 6/4/2004
2749 30 10 A thoroughly professional set-up with great integrity in my dealings with them last year, in particular Karel. Would work with them again. 6/5/2004
2748 30 10 I also worked on the famous train wreck of a project referred to be some others. Despite the huge problems that Karel encountered through no fault of his own he paid in full and has my confidence. 6/7/2004
2747 40 8 Good communication and timely payment. 6/8/2004
2746 30 10 I have worked for Karel in a very long project (220.000 words) and payment was as agreed with me. He was very demanding but responded in the same way. I would definitely work for him again 6/9/2004
2745 40 10 Karel has a great contact, replies immediately to all requests and I am absolutely not worried of not being paid. If the payment takes some time, it is certainly not done on purpose by him. 6/12/2004
2744 30 10 The communication was very good and fast despite Karel's enormous coordination task. Payment was made as promised. I would definitely work with Karel again. 6/26/2004
2743 30 10 Working with Karel is a pleasure as he is always helpful and very well organised. Payment is ususally timely and he is very forthcoming and accommodating of any difficulties that a translator might h 3/15/2005
2742 30 10 Working for Kenax was a rare pleasure. Karel is very helpful and easy to work with, and the payment was prompt. 8/3/2012
2741 30 10 10 Karel is totally nice and helpful. I admire him for coordinating such a huge project with a lot of translators only via e-mails. Hope to work for him again! 8/6/2010
2740 30 10 10 Professional, reliable and very nice to work with. 3/8/2012
2739 30 10 Profesional approach, easy to work with 3/4/2012
2738 30 10 Just finished a large and important project with Kenax. It's a pleasure working with Karel! Got paid sooner than expected. Cheers! 8/4/2010

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