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2807 90 not rating not rating 4 delayed payment (90 day ), forgotten invoices, no reaction, bad communication -> I stopped working for them. 1/11/2010
2776 95 not rating not rating 3 Very friendly and professional PMs, but mismanaged Accounting Dept. Requests on pending payments are ignored, or responded with promises which usually are not kept. Despite payment terms of 60 days EOM, they still delay payments up to 5 weeks. However, all 14 invoices I issued to Jonckers have been paid eventually with an average delay of 20 days. 7/4/2012
2675 105 10 10 2 Work is pleasant and the PMs are nice. However, the payment practices are unacceptable. Despite the long payment terms (EOM 60), they never pay on time. Several reminders needed, and payment can be even 7 weeks delayed after the due date. Average payment cycle is something like 100+ days. 8/1/2012
1213 10 45 days from date of invoice - Always on time Payment received: yes (I can't remember). (Will work for again: Yes.) As far as I can remember they were a reliable agency. I do not recall any problems with them. 2/25/2009
1212 10 net 30 - YES Payment received: YES (Couple of thousand dollars). (Will work for again: Yes) As Marian said, Steve is very professional and gives excellent feedback, only problem is, they're always rush jobs. 3/18/2011

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