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1201 8 60 days - always on time, sometimes very early Payment received: YES (several thousands of euros ). (Will work for again: yes ) I suppose that they have less work for me, and I also remember that I had to say no, one day (so there are no real reasons why I didn't work for them last year). very pleasant contact! 4/27/2009
1200 8 30 days - Yes, sometimes a couple of weeks late Payment received: Yes (Several thousands Euros ). (Will work for again: Yes) I work for them since they were called Eurolingua. The dates I indicate refer in fact to that period too. 12/11/2006
1199 10 30, I think - yes, always within 30 days Payment received: NO, had to fight to be paid, this is the most [deleted] company I ever worked with. There is a Payment I never received and the others were several months late. (a few hundreds of Euros ). (Will work for again: I am working for them regularly, smaller jobs every 1-2 months ) nice PMs, professional attitude, good deadlines 11/6/2008
1198 10 30 days - Yes Payment received: Yes (750 euro ). (Will work for again: I would like to) I was contacted by Monika Lassmann. A professional business approach. Worth recommending. 9/6/2006
1197 10 30 days net - Still unpaid Payment received: NO. almost a month late after I emailed many times and called 2 times. ($452.66). (Will work for again: NEVER) I've been getting the royal runaround from Mr. Xavier Marchand, the son of the owner Eliane Barth, who has asked me to submit and resubmit the invoice in question ad nauseam because they need to make sure it has not been paid yet. (There seems to be an accounting chaos at JBI.) Although Mr. Marchand has all of the e-mail commmunication exchanged between the project managers and me and knows there are different jobs, different project managers and amounts involved (they don't use PO numbers consistently), he is apparently now trying to claim that a Payment for a transllation job ordered by a different project manager of their company is identical with the above unpaid job. They have located a Payment in the amount of $ 412.49. Mr. Marchand is trying to claim that it covers the $ 452.66 amount. This extremely frustrating interchange has been going on with Mr. Marchand for a long time now. I would NEVER work for this company again. 6/24/2008
1196 10 30-45 days - YES Payment received: No delay (euro 2000 ). (Will work for again: Yes) [Mod. note: Not rated due to age of info.] Haven't worked with him for a year but good professional and timely Payments. 11/12/2008
1195 10 net 30 - Yes Payment received: Yes ($5,000). (Will work for again: Yes, see note.) I had some rush work from this agency in 2001. They were in a hurry, and were happy with the work. I think their rates were a little low, and when we got away from the special deal I cut with them the first time, they never came back. I realize that this is old information, but since no one answered the query, I thought I would post it as being better than nothing. 3/9/2011
1194 10 net 30 - Always on time Payment received: (several $1,000s ). (Will work for again: I currently am.) Mario is extremely pleasant to work with, gives very reasonable deadlines and very accessible in case of questions, be it document related or otherwise. Payment is outsourced, which means that you receive an e-mail with a PDF listing your invoices for the month and the total for which you receive a checque within five days. Very reliable! 10/8/2010
1193 10 21 days - Payment was never received. Payment received: YES (GBP 58.49). (Will work for again: Never again.) James Toner also pretends to be a member of the ITI and uses this actively as a marketing tool. I have subsequentlz found out from the ITI that he is infact not a member at all. 8/23/2005

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