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1188 10 30 Days/End of Month plus 30 Days - On time Payment received: Not received, now over 3 months (Thousands of dollars). (Will work for again: Yes) There has only been a single glitch in all those years, either at the end of last year or very early this year, can't quite remember. On one monthly invoice for 2,000 plus dollars (2,800-something, I believe) the 2 was missed, and I only got paid for the remainder of that invoice (800-something). But the missing 2,000 dollars was included in the next check run a month later. Payment terms used to be Net 30, but changed to End of Month plus 30 somewhere along the line. - All the PM's at Iverson are very knowledgeable and helpful. 9/5/2008
1187 10 Net 30 - Yes Payment received: NO, 35 days late (10,000+). (Will work for again: Yes) It is a very well known agency in the USA. They are members of the ATA and other transllation organizations. I have never had, nor do I know anybody that has ever had, any problem with them. 2/17/2011

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