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1175 10 30 - Always Payment received: YES (several 1000 Euros). (Will work for again: A new project is starting by the end of the week ) 9/3/2005
1174 10 net 30 - YES, always on time Payment received: Yes (Over EUR 25,000). (Will work for again: I do) Great agency. Demanding and professional. 4/14/2011
1173 10 Net 30 - Usually. [If not,] one month [late] Payment received: always in time (From minimum $50 to several hundred dollars. ). (Will work for again: Yes.) Very nice individuals and owner. 1/21/2011
1172 10 45 days - Still unpaid, 60 days late. Payment received: NO. Still waiting for Payment now (14 September 2006) ($2,000.00). (Will work for again: NO) 1/6/2009
1171 0 net 30 - Received early Payment received: yes ($1,046 and $130). (Will work for again: Yes) 1/2/2011
1170 10 60 days from date of invoice - exactly on time Payment received: Yes - never more than a week late (USD500). (Will work for again: yes, absolutely) My experience with them is a couple of years old by now, but they were absolutely correct and punctual in their dealings with me. Their PO specified Payment terms of 60 days, and Payment arrived exactly on time. I should add that this was an interpreting assignment for a deposition which ended up being cancelled only 2 days before I was scheduled to fly out to New York. Even though their PO had not stipulated a cancellation fee, and I had not insisted on including one (as the PO had been issued only a week prior to the scheduled deposition dates), they paid said cancellation fee on their own accord - IOW, I did not ask for it, but they informed me they'd be paying it and asked me to invoice it. I dealt with both Julie (last name Setbon, I believe) and Markus, and both were pleasant and professional to deal with. I would not hesitate to accept another assignment from them. 9/15/2009
1169 10 net 30 days - YES Payment received: n/a (USD 500 ). (Will work for again: definitely) Very pleasant communications. They deposit the money directly into my US account by walking (!!!!) over to the bank and doing so ,-) 6/30/2011
1168 10 Net 30 days - Received early Payment received: never (USD47.63). (Will work for again: Yes) The check arrived on April 9. 6/16/2011
1167 10 Net 30 days - Yes Payment received: was received without any problem (). (Will work for again: Absolutely. I welcome their inquiries. ) (*This agency is a spinoff of Ostrans, also in Berkeley.) I have worked for them under both names, and my contact has been David Gamon. They are a superb group of people, very conscientious, honest and friendly, and I have no hesitation in recommending them. 7/7/2011
1166 0 to the end of the second months following invoice - no, up to several months Payment received: See comments (about 15,000). (Will work for again: no ) Comments (if any):When I first started working for the agency, they were great to work for, paid on time and had very competent project mangers. After a while the agency started having financial problems, tried to nickel and dime, had poor project managers and tried to find the cheapest possible provider. I decided to no longer work for them due to the rate they were willing to pay and the long Payment terms and their reluctance to pay. 5/21/2012
1165 0 net 30 - No, a week late Payment received: No, about a month late. ($15). (Will work for again: Yes) The delay with the invoice was due to some problem with my address. Jeff was very helpful and it was nice to work with him. 11/22/2010

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