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120 60 0 60 eom - NO, april still not received Payment received: yes (450 euros). (Will work for again: NO) last year, I kept a second (small) transllation, to get Payment for my first invoice (that was already late) and that worked. the second invoice got paid more or less on time, if I remember well. when they came back this year (Marc Duchesne), I asked a written promise to get paid. I remembered him several times of his promise, but I finally sent a bailiff (that's what the girl on the phone advised me to do, because even if I went there to ask for paiment, what other translators already tried, I wouldn't te my money for sure, because there has to be someone who is allowed to sign the cheque, so she told me). no news from the bailiff yet. 10/9/2009 0:00
119 30 0 30 days - NO Payment received: yes (4600 eur). (Will work for again: NEVER) it seems ADT is unable to pay now. Please see previous request. 1/21/2006
118 0 0 Irrelevant because they won't pay anyway - Not paid Payment received: Payment always on time. (Euro 176). (Will work for again: NEVER!!) [Mod. note: Hearsay info deleted] I am sure this is the tip of the iceberg and there are many more. I am collecting names for a joint approach to a debt collection agency with a view to getting them to pay 7/28/2010

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