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1148 10 I do not remember - YES Payment received: Not on time - finally paid in July 04 (DO NOT REMEMBER). (Will work for again: YES, OF COURSE) I know them for a long time and they are absolutely thrustworthy 5/27/2010
1147 10 30 days (25th of month) - Yes, never more than a few days late, often early. Payment received: No, in the beginning Payments were 1 or two months late and then I had to ask my lawyer to claim the Payment (EUR 16,500 (for period 1993-1998)). (Will work for again: Yes) Dorothee and her team have always been most professional in my dealings with them - and I did a lot of work for them in the period 1993-98. I have only done occasional jobs for them since then, but that is not because of any problems between us, just that they have not been able to meet my rates since I relocated out of Spain. 12/28/2006
1146 10 net 30 days - Yes. In both cases shortly before time Payment received: yes (App. USD 600). (Will work for again: Anytime) Alfred and Deborah, with whom I have communicated, are nice and helpful people, who always assisted with any queries I had. 7/21/2011

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