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2803 0 not rating 0 0 Translation Cloud LLC is pretending to be a serious company, but it is not. They say they will pay you per APPROVED PROOFREAD SEGMENT, but it is a lie. But most serious of all, it seems to be a scam system using machine translations which are then proofread by bilingual people, not necessarily linguists or translators. Also, there is no consistency guaranteed in any of these projects, as each of the proofreaders only has access to separate segments. The problem here is that as Translation Cloud??s Founder, Alex Buran, is not a linguist himself who can understands the implications of good and bad quality translations, he is only concerned to increase profits to the maximum while achieving the lowest possible costs, and of course opressing translators, cheating clients telling them he sells translation services, when there??s not any chance a translation assignment done this way has the tiniest trace of quality. Further, if you have any doubt please take a look of what Alex Buran thinks about translators and then decide: 5/22/2012

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