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2712 0 0 0 I completed 4 jobs for this agency to the highest standard. It is an automated service and when I pressed the on-screen send button, the job description and job No. vanished from the screen each time. I queried this with OSCAR CALVO SILVIERA the owner and (it would seem) sole employee of the company, who tried at first to fob me off with technical explanations concerning the automated nature of the system. However, after an exchange of emails, in the course of which I suggested he should be blacklisted, he finally came right out and told me that he had received no work from me at all and therefore owed me nothing. Then the stonewall of his logic cracked as he added that if I had not threatened him with blacklisting he would have paid me something for my trouble (presumably he means the trouble I took to do no work at all for him). 5/19/2010

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