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1115 4 30 days - YES, Payment per check, always on time Payment received: N0, definitely not. 7 months late. (1500-2000 ??). (Will work for again: yes, whenever the contact me) Indubo is a very professional and absolutely reliable company 12/9/2006
1114 10 30 days - Yes Payment received: 70 days (from invoice), 90 days, not at all (about 3000 Euro ). (Will work for again: absolutely) 5/28/2006
1113 10 20th of the month following the month of invoice - Always on time Payment received: 2 months late, only obtained after sending a bailiff with a Payment order issued by the commercial court (Several thousand ?? over the years). (Will work for again: Still do.) * You don't need to send invoices. Pay like clockwork. Nice and professional people. 8/21/2005
1112 10 30 days eom - Yes Payment received: They still haven't paid!!! (USD 300). (Will work for again: Yes ) 2/12/2008

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