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113 60 0 June 15th, 2006 - No, it's 30 days late (see comments). Payment received: 2 weeks late (USD 780.48). (Will work for again: NO ) I was contacted by this person, Howard Willers, via my profile at . He had several Powerpoint presentations to translate from English into Brazilian Portuguese, so his Brazilian secretary could record the text for the internet. He also has another business - . I translated 3 Powerpoints and a small document for him, totaling the USD 780.48 mentioned. I started on May 21st and delivered the last one on May 25th. He praised the work and my professionalism and so on. Then he wrote me on June 14th asking for the details for the Payment again, how much did he owe me (saying he was testing my honesty there...), I re-sent the invoice, answered his questions and he said he would pay me on June 15th. Then, I waited for a week, checked my bank account - nothing. Tried to contact him, no replies. This week I got tired and started calling on his mobile, which he is clearly screening - sometimes I leave a message, have been sending emails and still n 8/3/2010
112 0 0 after work is finished. - Not paid yet. Most probably never. Payment received: No. First job I ever did for them was paid on time. Then they took four months to pay and invoice. It is now May and I am currently chasing invoices sent in January this year. (200 USD). (Will work for again: Never.) [Deleted] It??s possibly to find several people who speak of him in this terms. Some of them have left comments on this blog, He never paid for the job I did for him, and [hearsay deleted]. 11/22/2009

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