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1101 0 cannot recall - NO, not sure how late Payment received: Yes ($1,600). (Will work for again: definitely not) I edited a project and, due to the inadequacy of the transllation, alerted the PM to the situation and told him I could only edit for grammar, punctuation etc. because of the quality of the transllation. It was one of those transllations that could only have been salvaged by retranslating. When my 3 invoices did not get paid on time, I contacted the PM, only to find that he was no longer working there. As a response, I received an unprofessional letter in a very accusatory tone from Christine, stating that she would have to check my qualifications as a translator and that I might not get paid. In my response, I pointed out and copied the e-mail exchange I had had with the PM about the quality of the transllation and included my resume to show my qualifications. I received a short reply that I would get paid. As far as I recall it took 4-5 months for all 3 Payments to finally arrive. 1/2/2010
1100 2 30 days EOM - usually 1-2 days, occasionally 30 days late Payment received: 8 days, acceptable for me, however it took an additional 3 weeks in the post (many thousands). (Will work for again: Yes, when I have time. However, the rates are too low and I have been gradually migrating toward better paying clients in the last two years.) Marisa is generally pleasant to work with. Payments are not made in August. 12/25/2007

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