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1056 10 30 days after invoice date - Yes, the first invoice on time, the second was paid together with the first, so Payment was even some weeks earlier! Payment received: on time (280 euro approx.). (Will work for again: yes, with pleasure) Undine is very friendly, helpful and cooperative. There was no problem whatsoever. 2/25/2007
1055 10 not discussed in advance - NO, already 1 year late Payment received: on time (900 Euros). (Will work for again: NO WAY) I knew this person from Proz, as he was one of the active members and didn't give it any thought when he wanted to collaborate with me. After the first project, he was very satisfied and sent me a second project, which I also did, and even met him in person at a powwow in Germany a couple of weeks later. I issued the invoices in July and August and in December I have started to inquire more often about the Payment, and he came with all kinds of excuses that he hadn't been paid yet for the projects (which is not my problem, as I didn't work for his clients). This year I handed over the matter to a lawyer. I have tried calling him to receive an explanation, but he's not answering the phone, his web-site was disconnected and I can't contact him any way. I would appreciate it if anyone could give me any information about his whereabouts. Thanks 11/14/2011

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