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2795 0 7 7 3 Extremely bad payer. I think they plan to default on their debts. They are fine to work with, the only problem is that they don't pay! 4/9/2010
1049 10 60 days - about a month Payment received: Nov-05 (several hundred EUR). (Will work for again: No) They do pay eventually, but sometimes by cheques, which means they put transfer costs on you, + add a month for cashing the cheque, and as jobs always were small, but always very urgent and cumbersome (e.g., 50 words specific terminology to all Baltic languages for yesterday), it is just not worth while. 4/23/2009
1048 10 60 days end of month, the 5th - No, a few days to a few weeks late Payment received: Yes (thousands of euros). (Will work for again: I do) They set strict invoicing and purchasing conditions and pay late but they do pay. 8/22/2009

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