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1040 10 usually 40 days from invoice - On time Payment received: not always (Many large invoices). (Will work for again: YES!) All the staff is very professional, serious and friendly. We have established a very good work relationship. 6/15/2012
1039 10 Invoice plus 30 days. - On time, always. Payment received: YES (Several thousand USD ). (Will work for again: Yes, absolutely) Nice people, paid on time, reasonable deadlines. (Please do good work for them ,-) 7/23/2010
1038 10 30 days. - always on time Payment received: often several weeks late (substantial amounts). (Will work for again: Yes and I do all the time whenever I can. ) Great PM, very professional. 8/28/2008
1037 10 not sure, i think around 30 - yes Payment received: YES usually (around 1000USD ). (Will work for again: I still am) I believe this is a reliable agency, with specialized projects, the PMs are open for queries and they always reply when I have questions about Payments (I get paid by cheque). Doug is a very nice person to work with and the whole team is proactive. I recently had a quality issue with a small job I did for them and in recognition of my past record they approached the whole thing is an educational/training way rather than scolding me, which I appreciated. 1/27/2012

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