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1025 6 30 days - Yes, always Payment received: Late - around 75-90 days (invoice dates April 18 paid July 18 and June 28, paid Sept 13) (Several thousands of USD). (Will work for again: I am working on a project for them right now. ) I consider myself lucky to be working for a client like GlobalReady. Mr. Keller is very professional, very knowledgeable, and he has a great sense of humor, which is a very welcome change during the course of the day. He treats his translators very, very well. 11/15/2006
1024 4 30 days end of month - yes, always Payment received: always on time (). (Will work for again: Yes ) They are great! 7/26/2007
1023 10 30 days end of month - NEVER Payment received: No, 5 months late (30 Euro). (Will work for again: NEVER) 4/17/2007
1022 8 Immediate, on receipt of invoice - NEVER Payment received: See comments (Pounds sterling 70). (Will work for again: NEVER, and I would warn anyone else to be very careful of them and only work for them if you get paid up front. ) I was contacted by phone in November 1999 to do a rush job, which I did and sent off. I never got paid, and chased them up by phone and fax and e-mail, then I gave up because I had other things to do. One afternoon in July 2002 I got another phone call from the same young man, calling himself nuxes and would I do another assignment for them. Quite bemused by his cheek, I said only after I had been paid for the previous one. We must have lost the invoice was the response, so I sent a copy immediately by fax. It was to be paid tomorrow. Of course tomorrow came and went as did the rest of the month, and the next one -despite more promises to pay - until the end of the year and early the following year, when a number of berevements put the whole thing on the back burner. Still not been paid and haven't had the occasion to go to London, otherwise I would have gone to thei 7/5/2010

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