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1017 10 30 days end of month - YES Payment received: see comments (A few thousand pounds). (Will work for again: With great pleasure) 6/17/2007
1016 10 30 days End of month - YES Payment received: No - approximately 5 weeks late (several hundred pounds). (Will work for again: Yes) Very nice and professional people 6/4/2007
1015 0 30 days end of month - NO, periods of 2 weeks to 2 months Payment received: A few days late on average (thousands of USD). (Will work for again: Maybe, but only with an advance Payment ) There seems to be a communication problem with their admin department. We had agreed I would be paid by wire transfer, but they issued checks instead, that I had to return to them. I finally got all my money, but after cumbersome e-mail exchanges and with the support of another US-based entity which accepted to get my money (for GLCs international bank charges were huge) and then wired it to my account. Otherwise, interesting projects and nice project managers. They were highly impressed with the quality of my work (can share their communication on that), but I had to turn them down because of the sloppy admin management. 4/25/2007 0:00

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