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988 10 90 days - No, see comments Payment received: Usually on time, with the exception of one hiccup at the end of 2002 ($1214 ($670 remains unpaid)). (Will work for again: No) We've had trouble being paid by Global Arena. They emailed us a couple years ago saying their Payment practices will change and all new invoices will be paid within 90 day. We completed two projects for them in July and August for a total of $1214. I started calling after 90 days because we had not received Payment. Charlie Humphry handles their accounts, 215-735-1055. I finally reached Charlie on December 4 and he assured me they would cover our Payments by the end of the year. We received a partial Payment in January, with an outstanding balance of $670. Numerous phone calls to Charlie went unanswered. He did leave a message on our answering machine, but never returned calls I've left with him since then. I've turned Global Arena over to the Better Business Bureau of Philadelphia. Our next move if the BBB cannot help us is to turn this account over to Dunn & Bradstreet. 10/21/2009
987 10 90 days - No Payment received: 5.5 weeks (Over US$19,000). (Will work for again: Only if they sort out the Payment issue. ) I worked with the agency quite regularly from Jan 2003 til May 2004. The Payment was always late. At the end of May 2004, the invoices issued November 2003 onward had not been paid and the total outstanding amount was accumulated to over US$9,400. I stopped working with them at the end of May and contacted a debt collection agency in US in June. The collection agency sent a demanding letter on 6th July 2004. On 7th July, Global Arena posted a check of US$2471.30. Since then, Global Arena has been making Payments once a month with the amount of about US$1000. At the time of writing this, 3rd December 2004, the remaining unpaid invoices are reduced to US$3460.75. 10/17/2009

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