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986 10 60-90 days - NO, late by 1 to 3 months Payment received: 5.5 weeks ($2,000). (Will work for again: NO) [Mod. note: Zero rating based on failure to pay penalties as negotiated.] Their recurrent excuse for late Payments was that they had not yet received Payment from clients. This, in my view, is unacceptable. In addition, after receiving one late Payment, I negotiated late Payment penalties into my next 2 contracts. Payment for those jobs was late by at least 2 months, but these penalties were never paid. They effectively broke their contracts with me. Tina Eddy, the finance manager, told me that they don't honor late Payment penalties. Her supervisor Charlie Humphreys never returned my phone calls. There is clearly a disconnect between the finance office and the project management team as to what the policy is. I would discourage anyone whose time is more valuable than to waste it on following up on late Payments, after initially waiting a long 90 days, from working for this language company. 10/10/2009

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