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946 10 30 EOM - YES Payment received: Yes (90 ^ (test)). (Will work for again: see below ) The problem was that, for a big project, they wanted me to learn a new transllation tool (with a phone conference so I had to call 2 hours a man based in Germany...), they had to send me the tool but made several mistakes in my address so months passed and finally I never received that tool. They seemed really unorganized, they did not communicate between each other and I had to repeat things several times. Suddenly they asked me to translate 30.000 words in the week end and I had to remind them that I had not received their tool. They took once more my address, and finally they never sent the tool and that is how our relationship stopped. The only good point was that they paid me for the transllation test. 10/5/2008

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