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945 0 30 days eom - 4 weeks late Payment received: First, about 40 days later, second on, never (GBP 40.00). (Will work for again: Possibly) Well-meaning, I dare say, but hardly efficient. 9/23/2007
944 0 30 eom net - No - 4 weeks late Payment received: YES (GBP 50 or so ). (Will work for again: Probably not) Over-complicated and inefficient systems. I was given 5 (!) different email addresses to contact for various basic Payment and other issues, each one being a different person. Only the 4th (!) email I sent them elicited ANY response, and Payment was late. 10/13/2008
943 0 45 EOM - Never late. Payment received: Yes, always (significant. ). (Will work for again: Yes, and I'm working now.) there are several PMs, I've worked with 4 or 5 and found them all very pleasant and helpful people. 3/22/2009
942 0 45 days from receipt of invoice - On time Payment received: Yes (Approx. 500 USD). (Will work for again: Most definitely) 3/4/2009

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