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934 0 30 days from invoice date - Never received Payment received: Yes (191 USD). (Will work for again: NEVER NEVER NEVER) I have filed for Payment with a US based debt collector and I am waiting. I have invoiced Fudev to cover the cost of the debt collector who takes a 50% cut. 5/6/2008
933 30 10 net 30 - No, never received Payment received: YES, never late. ($191). (Will work for again: NEVER NEVER NEVER AGAIN) All my emails to the contact person and to the head of the company went unanswered and nobody would answer me on the phone either. I HAVE PLACED THE FILE WITH A US BASED DEBT COLLECTOR WHO HAVE PROMISED TO GET MY PAYMENT FOR ME. I have invoiced Fudev double the amount to cover the cost of the debt collector because I am certainly not going to pay half my earnings for that. [Comments deleted] They refuse to send a PO but they make you sign and fax them a non-disclosure agreement. 11/28/2010

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