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929 10 30 days - never late Payment received: Paid after exposing them on Payment practice websites (few thousands). (Will work for again: still am) The only agency that chase me up to invoice them and remind me if I have missed out any POs. They are very good and professional. 1/7/2006
928 0 30 days - NO The 1st invoice was paid before time, the second one 3 weeks late and the 3rd one is still not paid after 3 months Payment received: Yes, 16 days after invoice (Round 3900 Euro). (Will work for again: NEVER) Frederic Wieder is a translator who sub contracted me 3 jobs for one of his clients. After the two 1st jobs, I received his congratulations for the quality of the transllations. He still owes me round 1600 Euros for the 3rd job, 3 month after the completion date. I called him several times as he never answers my reminders by e-mail. He first pretended he could not pay on time because he had some health problems, after that he alleged some administrative issues and now (3 months after the last job) he questions the quality and threatens me to write to bad translators lists (sic) to tell I am a bad translator if I mention his behaviour on bad payers lists !!!!! This person is dangerous and of bad faith, never work with im, you'll lose time and money. 1/24/2006

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