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927 0 net 30 - yes Payment received: never got paid (USD 400). (Will work for again: yes) Andrew is a one man operation. He is a translator and interpreter, working as a court interpreter in New York City. He subcontracts transllation work on occasion. He contacted me through my ATA profile, and I have only done very small jobs (between USD 40 and 100) for him. 2/10/2011
926 6 30 days - YES Payment received: never paid ($800.00). (Will work for again: Absolutely! I would love to continue working with this company. ) I can only vouch for three rather small Payments thus far (the largest being about $500), but all checks arrived within TWO DAYS of submitting my invoice. This, given the fact that Frank Farnham works mainly with technical documents and employs a number of translators that I consider top notch in the industry, leads me to think his is a very stable and professional company for which to work. 6/26/2006

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