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923 10 30 days EOM - yes Payment received: not yet due (more than 20 000 EUR). (Will work for again: possibly- see below) they have started to press down prices dramatically and unreasonably, the last offer for medical transllation was: 2/2/2008
922 10 30 days - YES, mostly, but not always (after 2 months in one case) Payment received: Varied ($222). (Will work for again: probably, but with a bit of caution) For job invoiced 4/15/2003, Payment was about 2 months after this date, and after 2 reminders, for the other two jobs Payment was more or less on time (1 1/2 months for 11/04/2003 and 1 month for a smallish job in 2005) Note: dates given above are in American style (mm/dd/yyyy) 12/5/2006
921 0 30 days or less from generation of invoice - Yes, always Payment received: always ($20,000 + over several years ). (Will work for again: Working for them now.) Foreign Exchange has an automated invoice system - you generate your invoice using their web-based system. They prefer to pay by PayPal, and Payments are made in 30 days or less from the date the invoice is generated in their system. 8/3/2008
920 10 net 45 (from bad memory) - YES Payment received: always received quite early ($ 213.-). (Will work for again: Most certainly) 9/7/2011
919 10 30 days - always early Payment received: YES (GBP730). (Will work for again: certainly) very nice people 11/18/2005

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