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916 10 30 days after date of invoice (my terms, they do not state any). - No. 2 weeks (one invoice), 2 months (one invoice) and 3 months (one invoice). Payment received: Usually YES (270 US$.). (Will work for again: Yes, their PMs are good to work with, but theirs are job offers I do not hesitate to decline when I have enough other work, whereas I usually try to fit in jobs from other regular clients, even if I am rather busy. ) I worked for their Denver/Boulder office. They have a very strict Payment policy, almost forcing you to use PayPal. They use an online invoicing system and do not accept invoices sent in otherwise. 1/18/2007
915 10 30 days - YES Payment received: YES (several thousand USD ). (Will work for again: Yes) I usually work for the US office, but had some contact with the Halifax office as well. All PMs I have worked with over the last two years have been competent, friendly and supportive. I can only say the best about FX. 10/10/2006

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