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2670 0 7 0 0 3 months have already passed by since I handed them a translation, I have received all sorts of excuses: We forgot to insert your name in the database, or we have lost all your details and therefore we were not able to pay you nor to contact you, or don't worry the payment is being processed you'll soon receive your money and last but not least, we have just realized after 94 days that the client wasn't that happy with your translation, since then they haven't returned any of my messages nor my calls and off course they did not pay me nor have they met our agreement in any way. After that first translation they have offered me an other translation job, a very large one and off course I did not accept it since I do not work for free, errare humanum est perseverare diabolicum. And by the way this agency has been banned from Proz blue board (April 15, 2008, 7:04 am This outsourcer has been banned from posting jobs at and since its listing on proz their likelihood of working again rate equals to 1,4 ( 1 being the worst rate and 5 the best). I hope this will help other professionals to avoid such unpleasantness. 8/27/2005
914 2 net 30 - Yes (see below) Payment received: Yes (> 3000 USD). (Will work for again: Absolutely) I entered yes under because the check did get mailed in time but the US Postal Service took several weeks to deliver it across the country. I contacted Daniel when the check was a little late and he was very responsive. AP actually issued a replacement check shortly thereafter which also included Payment for the next project which had not come due yet. The first check eventually arrived and I could see that it had been mailed in time and it was not their fault. I was impressed with the responsiveness of the accounting manager. I would not hesistate to work for them again. 1/24/2011

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