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913 9 30d eom - yes always Payment received: Yes (more than 5000). (Will work for again: yes, without hesitation) 11/24/2008
912 10 Net 30 - YES !! Even after a big health problem which compromised the delivery of the 1st text. Payment received: Yes (300 Euros). (Will work for again: YESSSS) That's obvious. No comment needed. 1/23/2011
911 10 net 30 - still undue Payment received: YES (somewhere in the lower 3 digit range). (Will work for again: Yes) [Mod. note: Not rated as Payment not yet due.] Rob is a very kind and helpful person to work with. What surprises me is that they sent me a document explaining their rules of administrative functionning. It is specified that they accept only one final invoice per month, even for different jobs delivered at differents dates on the same month , my rules of Payment being ordinarly at 30 days of invoicing of each job, according to the French General Tax Code, this one allowing us - independant workers based in France - to issue a general monthly invoice only from 5 cumulative independant jobs for the same client in the same month : which means that below 5 jobs /month for that same client, we have to create an invoice/job dated of the delivery date of each job. I'm not happy with this new. What to do ? How can we know that we'll not get a 6th job in the same month for the same client ? Viva Kafka !. 1/11/2011

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