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903 2 30 - 1st invoice paid late, second ok Payment received: YES (L220). (Will work for again: Yes) [Mod. note: Based on previous responses, assumed the late Payment was not excessively late.] professional and easy to work with 8/29/2005
902 10 30 days - YES Payment received: YES (several hundred pounds). (Will work for again: Yes) I co-translated a book for them in 1997. It was actually published! There were no problems at all and co-operation was good. 10/5/2006
901 10 14 days net after invoice receipt (my own terms) - on time Payment received: YES (GBP 1000s). (Will work for again: Certainly) Highly professional and pleasant 7/29/2005
900 10 end of month following invoice. - yes Payment received: YES (about a thousand euro). (Will work for again: am working for them now) The had some problems during reorganization a few years ago, but are a reliable company to work for now. Good communication with the PMs. 3/10/2010

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